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Introductory Offers

These prices do not include Connecticut Sales Tax

Give us a try to discover what you enjoy the most.

Get unlimted group yoga, qi gong and dance classes

for 30 days from the date of your first class.


$40 for 30 days
Family of 2*
$60 for 30 days

* Family members must be spouses, domestic partners or children age 25 or younger.


Monthly Memberships

These prices do not include Connecticut Sales Tax

Our best value for frequent students.

Get unlimted group yoga, qi gong and dance classes every month with a convenient monthly auto-pay.



$99 / month (for 12 months)$110 / month (for 3 months)

139 / month (for 1 month)

Family of 2*

$173 / month (for 12 months)$192 / month (for 3 months)

243 / month (for 1 month)

* Family members must be spouses, domestic partners or children age 25 or younger.


Group Class Rates

These prices do include Connecticut Sales Tax

Class Pack   Price

Valid for

Single-Class Drop-in
5-Class Package
$73   ($14.60 per class)
4 months
10-Class Package
$135 ($13.50 per class)
6 months
20-Class Package
$255 ($12.75 per class)
9 months

Drop-ins welcome & encouraged!


Payment Methods

Cash, Credit Card or Checks payable to
Yoga Center of Collinsville

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express


Class Descriptions

YOGA - Engaging and soulful...breathing, classical postures and meditative relaxation in the Hatha Yoga style... for every body.


Gentle Yoga - Gently held postures for joint health and nurturing

Gentle + Restorative Yoga - Explore this wonderful combination of gentle and restorative yoga postures. In each class you'll enjoy a sequence of gentle, flowing yoga postures offered at a relaxed pace designed to encourage flexibility in the body. The added restorative postures will ensure you leave class feeling renewed and ready for the day ahead.

This class is appropriate for all levels of students from beginner to advanced. If you are new to yoga, been away for a while, recovering from an injury or just want to take it slowly - this is the class for you!

Mixed Level - A blend of gentle and challenging postures

Advanced Yoga - Taking your practice and turning it up a notch

Beginner's Yoga - A friendly introduction or re-introduction to yoga for students who want a strong foundation in the basics of practice. You will learn to do poses with proper alignment and breath flow to create optimal strength, flexibility, and confidence. Personal awareness, stress relief, and relaxation will also be emphasized.

Flow Yoga for Everyone - A mindful, flowing class that combines strength with softness, effort with ease. Leave class feeling powerful yet with a sense of peace and focus to start your day.

Morning Yoga - Fun and classic asanas at a moderately inviting pace

Power Yoga -This class consists of sun salutations, challenging standing poses and core work. It is a vigorous class designed to build stamina strength, and flexibility. It is physically demanding and is designed to make you sweat!

Restorative Yoga - Restorative yoga is a quieting, supportive and deeply nourishing practice.

Restorative poses are done by lying passively over props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets. It is a meditative, receptive practice in which you continually let go of holding yourself up and allow yourself to be fully supported, thereby surrendering layers of deeply held tension.

A luxurious class perfect for beginner and advanced yogis.

Yin + Gentle Yoga - Explore this wonderful combination of yin and gentle yoga postures. In each class you'll explore classic Yin postures, where you will hold each posture passively for up to 5 minutes, giving your body ample time to release long held areas of tightness.

You'll also enjoy a sequence of gentle, flowing yoga postures offered at a relaxed pace designed to encourage flexibility in the body. Guided relaxation will guarantee you leave you feeling wonderful!

This class is appropriate for all levels of students from beginner to advanced. If you are new to yoga, been away for a while, recovering from an injury or just want to take it slowly - this is the class for you!

Yoga 4 Strength - Energize the body, sculpt muscles and improve flexibility

Yoga & Meditation - Classic yoga followed by meditation




Vinyasa Yoga - Linking breath with movement



Advanced Vinyasa - A flow class designed for anyone wanting to explore their ranges of motion, balance, strength and softness.  Sequences will be offered simply with options to decrease/increase heat while exploring variations on classical poses. Class will wind down with grounded yin postures balancing the yang vinyasa practice.

Vinyasa For Everyone classes provide detailed stepping stones as you begin to flow through Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A & B), learn Chaturanga Dandasana, and begin the journey of jumping back and moving forward, opening areas of tightness in the hips and shoulders, all in a thoughtful vinyasa style. Learn breathing techniques that keep you invigorated and calm while moving through your practice and your life.

Morning Express Vinyasa - Start your day off with intention in this dynamic one-hour class that touches on all the essentials of the core standing, balancing, and seated postures. You will build strength, heat and focus moving through sun salutations linked with breath and clarity. Some yoga experience recommended.

Aligned Flow Yoga - Aligned Flow classes offer students a dynamic practice that incorporates alignment principles designed to prevent and heal injuries. All classes include both standing poses and seated poses and may also include partner work, standing balancing poses, arm balances, backbends, and inversions.

Teachers enhance the practice for students with a heart-centered theme, individualized modifications, and hands-on assists when appropriate. In Aligned Flow, you can expect a challenging, uplifting, and empowering experience at every level. Come prepared to work hard and play hard at each practice, engaging with yourself, your teacher, and your fellow students while developing strength and flexibility in mind, body, and spirit.



Level 1 classes get you started in a yoga practice, or to take your existing practice in a new direction. Whether you want to learn the poses for the first time, or simply to increase focus on alignment in your asana practice, this is the class for you! While appropriate for beginners, Level 1 Aligned Flow is a challenging and dynamic class. Instruction will explore yoga through standing and seated poses and will help you begin to develop the strength, knowledge, and confidence necessary to progress to more challenging postures including arm balances, backbends, and inversions.

Level 2 Aligned Flow classes will more deeply explore standing poses and will introduce full backbends and inversions, as well as some arm balances.

Level 3 classes include a wide variety of backbends, arm balances, and inversions and is intended for students with strong asana practices (you can push up to full wheel and kick up to handstand at the wall unassisted) and/or understanding of alignment principles.

Aligned Flow for Everyone classes are appropriate for all experience levels.

Yogalates - complimentary Pilates and Yoga blend for core strengthening & fullbody conditioning


Belly Dancing - Shake & shimmy for sensuality & celebration

Zumba for Everyone - Zumba® classes combine dance and aerobic elements for a total-body workout. The easy-to-follow choreography incorporates salsa, merengue, hip-hop, belly dance and other world rhythms, as well as fitness elements including squats and lunges. Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape with Zumba®!

Nia™ - an expressive movement and mind, body, spirit practice blending dance, martial arts, and healing arts.



Qigong - This practice involves deep breathing and flowing movements derived from ancient Chinese healing exercises which for many provide increased balance, flexibility, coordination, muscle and bone strength, immune function, decreased pain and stiffness, and improved sleep.

Qigong means “energy work”, or “cultivating one's internal energy”, and is practiced for it's tremendous health benefits, greater emotional balance, and spiritual growth. From Qigong, the well-known Chinese martial art and wellness practice of Tai Chi was born.



Meditation - Start your "work week" with "creation sound vibration meditation" and end with "gratitude sound vibration meditation"

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Yoga Center of Collinsville

Yoga Center of Collinsville